Papyr - bigger screen?


Hi everyone, er well, hello robot at least,

Love the Papyr concept, if i wanted to attach a larger e-paper screen what would be the issues please?

  • is it even possible?
  • would it need more power to run and to transfer say, an image?
  • is there space on the raytac to hold a larger image?

Ultimately I think my (eventual) project would need a bigger battery and other sensors etc, but just wondered how far along I could get towards a PoC by just hacking the papyr a bit.

Main initial goals:

  • Larger screen
  • (spoofed) greyscale images (think photo of a person)
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Hi Paul,

You can’t attach Papyr directly to a larger epaper display, as each display is driven differently - both in terms of supporting circuitry and drivers. Papyr is designed to work with this particular epaper model.

But we are working on a bigger Papyr. Please follow us on twitter to get updates on this and other projects.


Mahesh Venkitachalam
Founder, Electronut Labs




Well colour me interested in a larger screen then.

I already follow you.

Jolly good.